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Let's Read Programme - Schools

Why join us?

Here at Community Learning Partnerships we fully understand the importance of education, particularly reading, and have first-hand experience of the impact that poor literacy skills has on the lives of people in our community.  We also recognise the pressures schools can face, particularly in areas of high deprivation, when children do not receive the support they need to practise their reading skills away from school.  Along with the increasing numbers of children in these areas who speak English as an additional language, learning to read can be an even harder mountain to climb.

We are here to provide extra support for those children that may be at risk of not achieving the expected standards through no fault of their own.

Our volunteer programme has successfully helped thousands of children over the last 20 years, and we want to continue to support those who need it the most.

Here are some of the things our existing schools have said about the programme:

“The project has been a real success and brought a real buzz and energy to our Wednesdays!  Success can be seen through the children’s ongoing enthusiasm – often with such projects the novelty wears off and they lose their enjoyment, but the commitment and skill of these volunteers has meant that the positivity just kept on going.  We have been able to select children who do not get the desired level of support with their reading at home – the value of having another adult showing that level of interest and engagement is so powerful for these children.”


“All the children who read with our volunteer have made expected progress in reading and two children have made more than expected progress, meaning they have reached the National Standard for reading in Year 2. The children looked forward to reading with our volunteer each week and I have no doubts that their support has contributed to the children’s achievements.”


“Our children have benefited from having the 1:1 volunteer reading time and being supported by an adult from outside of the school staff. The sessions provided vital opportunities for our children to practice both their reading and social skills. The volunteers are professional, friendly and eager to help and support in any way they can.”

By joining our programme, you can expect us to:

·   Ensure all volunteers complete an application form, provide 2 references, obtain a DBS Enhanced Certificate and complete Prospero Level 1 Safeguarding in Schools and GOV.UK Prevent training before beginning in school

·   Undertake the recruitment, DBS checking, training and on-going support of volunteers

·   Be responsible for all administration work involved in the recruitment, DBS checking, training and support of volunteers

·   Liaise on a regular basis with the nominated member of school staff, the volunteers and any business organisations involved

·   Organise the volunteer placements and induction sessions in conjunction with the nominated member of school staff

·   Inform the school if any volunteers withdraw and/or are no longer able to attend school

In return we ask schools to:

·   Nominate a member of school staff responsible for the volunteers in school

·   Provide a school induction session for new volunteers

·   Target children for the volunteers to read with, ideally 4-5 per volunteer

·   Provide a suitable place for the volunteers to read with the children

·   Inform Community Learning Partnerships and/or the volunteers with regard to school closures and the cancellation of any reading sessions

·   Provide Community Learning Partnerships with requested data to show how volunteers are making an impact on the children’s reading progress

·   Complete Community Learning Partnerships’ evaluation forms at the end of the school year

·   Pay Community Learning Partnerships the agreed charge for volunteer provision within 30 days from the invoice date (£50 per term per volunteer)


We would love to work with you so if you are interested in finding out more about how we can support your school, please contact or call us on 07551 019005.