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About us

Why make a donation?

Your support will enable us to continue to help on average 2,000 people in the inner-city and most deprived areas of Leeds each year. We will become more sustainable and be able to achieve more, creating a greater impact in a quicker timescale. We will be able to reach more people and get them on a path to success. Getting more people into jobs or training will help individuals and families escape from living on the bread line, break the poverty cycle and help improve the local economy.


Whether it’s a one off donation or you adopt us as your charity of the year, it will help us to become more sustainable and help us to get more people into jobs or training.

Donate your time by volunteering!

If you’d like to support our cause but can’t afford to donate your money, you can donate your time instead.

See our volunteering opportunities to find other ways you can help.