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Adult Learning

Adult Learning


Programmes for Adults which support individuals in their journey to employment through increasing skills and confidence. Short, non-accredited courses delivered through various programmes often within the community.


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Adult Learning by Learning Partnerships

Our Adult Learning contract continues to be extremely successful. The curriculum is extremely well designed and delivered to effectively meet the needs of the learners which we traditionally attract. Our courses include: English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), Confidence Building (Developing You), Focused employability programmes (Customer Service and You) and Essential Digital Skills.


Learning Partnerships is extremely proud to be a delivery partner for Leeds City Council’s Adult Skills provision, who OFSTED has rated as OUTSTANDING in all 6 inspected categories.


Inspectors visited our provision in December 23, observing our classes and speaking to staff, learners and managers.


The report highlighted that “Learners are supported very well to achieve aspiring and personalised targets relevant to their skills, age and phase of education.” and that “Leaders and managers provide a curriculum that contributes well to meeting current skills needs by supporting adults into employment or further study.”


Leeds has become the first local authority in England to receive an Outstanding rating since the implementation of a new education inspection framework in 2019. Learning Partnerships have delivered Adult Learning through this funding for 9 years, offering ESOL, Digital Skills, Health & Wellbeing and Employment focused courses to benefit the local communities.


The full Ofsted inspection report can be found here


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Customer Service and You

A programme  of support designed to prepare candidates to progress into vacancies within the health and care sector. This bespoke training programme is a partnership between Learning Partnerships, Leeds City College and the Leeds Health & Care Talent Hub. Learners attend sessions to improve their employability with a focus around skills and qualities, interview skills for roles in health or care with the NHS and its partners. Learners must be able to demonstrate basic computer skills, be open to roles within admin and customer service and have a commitment to completing the programme to ensure positive progression opportunities.

Developing You

Developing You – Health & Wellbeing is a course to help learners become happier, healthier and move closer towards employment. It may be suitable for people struggling with their mental well-being. Teaching is classroom based, and also includes 1:1 support meetings with the tutor. Learners will be introduced to a range of health & wellbeing services and employability support providers throughout. There is the opportunity to try mindful exercise and develop confidence and self-awareness.


Our ESOL Provision continues to be extremely popular and well-attended. We deliver courses from pre-entry to entry 3, for Adults 19+, who do not speak English as a first language. Courses include, but are not limited to;

ESOL – First steps in English, ESOL – Health and Wellbeing, ESOL – Social Conversations, ESOL – Reading and Writing for Pre-entry, ESOL – E2 Reading for Everyday Life, ESOL – E2 Writing for Everyday Life, ESOL – Using Money Introduction, ESOL – E2 for Job Applications, ESOL – E3 for Job Applications, ESOL – E1 Where I Live

Digital Skills

Our digital skills workshops are aimed at supporting learners who are new to the world of digital, have little experience of using tech and who want to learn new skills or refresh and update their knowledge. 

Case Study

Course: NHS Into Work


Fatimah enrolled on the Learning Partnerships NHS course after struggling to get permanent work as a Care Assistant. She had very occasional work with a care agency based in St James Hospital, but the work was irregular and inconsistent. This often affected her benefits having three young children to support and get to school.


Not knowing if she was working from one day to another, was taking its toll on her mental health and she was suffering from anxiety.


Fatimah was determined to succeed sometimes even coming straight from a night shift, she was committed to attending and completing the NHS course.


Fatimah made new friends, had adult company and her confidence began to grow. During the course, which was 3 days a week at Learning Partnerships in Harehills, she discovered that she was pregnant. Fatimah feared that her future with the NHS was over. The LP trainer sat and discussed her options and with encouragement she decided to continue.


Fatimah passed all her training in Customer Service, Lifting and Handling and completed a high standard application. She was shortlisted and went on to pass her IT assessment.


We are pleased to say she passed all the tasks at the assessment day including the scenario and interview and was given a conditional job offer. She will be able to have her induction training before having her baby. Fatimah and her family are delighted with her achievements.


She was a pleasure to teach and support and we wish her, along with all our other participants, all the very best.